Aluminium windows

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Clean lines, advanced functionality & security guaranteed

Not forgetting beautiful design too. Whatever you need your windows to do, at Market Square we’re confident we have the perfect ones for you, and everything we do comes with a generous, 10 year, fully insurance-backed guarantee, PLUS a Lifetime Glazing Guarantee.


Why aluminium?

It’s a unique metal which lasts a long time. Over 700 million tonnes of aluminium has been recycled since 1888, more than 75% of it is still in use and a massive 90% of aluminium used in the construction industry is recycled.

Recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy than its production and aluminium from end-of-life products saves nearly 80 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Since the start of aluminium recycling, over a billion tonnes of CO2 emissions has been avoided.



With clean lines and superb functionality, these are available with a wide range of customisable options. In common with most aluminium framed windows, they have larger than usual glazed openings.

Open in or out


Choose from inwards or outwards opening designs. All our aluminium windows are designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements, including: thermal, weathering and security.

Tilt & turn


Aluminium tilt and turn windows are effortless to operate, come in a wide variety of colours and designs, and when opened in the tilted position are child-safe and secure.

Customise it!

For more information about colours, types of glazing, finishes, fittings and more, look under More in the main menu above, or use the button below.

Securely designed

Some of our aluminium windows offer a higher than usual security specification and are Secured by Design, the UK Police Service’s security certification scheme.


Here are some aluminium framed window installations which are typical of what Market Square Glazing could do for you.

We’d love to see you

Our aluminium windows come in a huge range of colours, finishes and designs – too many to show here. So please feel free to visit us at our showroom in Market Square, Chesham, or to arrange a visit from one of our representatives, who can show you our complete collection, please…

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